Summer CSA August 5 2014

Today marks the beginning of the second half of your Summer CSA share! 12 shares delivered or picked up, 12 to go.  We are grateful for your support of our farm, and we love being your farmers.  This week we’ve been weeding the carrot seedlings, pruning the tomatoes in the greenhouses, prepping more fall beds, and trying to stay out of the worst of the heat.  We have lots and lots of tomatoes right now, so you will get lots in your shares, plus if you want to purchase additional quantities for canning or a big batch or salsa, we will have Romas and seconds for sale for $2 and $1.25/lb respectively. 

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In today’s share;



Green and Purple Bell Peppers

Halves and wholes only;

Arugula or squash or purslane

Head Lettuce

Halves only:


Wholes only:

Cherry Tomatoes

Red Bell Peppers

Basil or Papalo (for those who want to try something completely different)


Cabbage (naturally raised by our friends at Gateway Farm, just around the corner)

I hope you enjoy the veggies today, and we would love to see you all at Pizza night sometime soon;  the food’s delicious, the music is fine, and company is fabulous!




Yesterday I got Delicious Peaches, Basil, Cabbage, a Head of Lettuce, Radishes, a bag of Arugula, HUGE DELICIOUS Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cherry Tomatoes, and Bell Peppers. This shipment marks the 1/2 mark of the Season!!! 12 more wonderful weeks to go!!!!



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