Pizza PPPPlease August 28th Menu for wood-fired Thursday’s

Take a moment and reserve your spot for this weeks Thursday Night Wood-fired Pizza at Millsap Farm .  This week we celebrate the letter P with
Pineapple Pork
Homemade onion marmalade, Millsap Farm Pork Belly Roast, Pineapple, leeks, Brie Cheese and flaked coconut
Photo by Nate Luke
Purple Potato Pie
Homemade Garlic aioli, peruvian purple fingerling potatoes, red onions and arugula topped with Gouda cheese 
Peppers 3 Pie
Millsap homegrown red, a rainbow of bell peppers, roasted garlic, mozzarella and after the fire dabbed with pesto plus for those that like it hot, you can add roasted poblano
The Classic Cheese
Homemade Red topped with Cheese
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