The Ending of an Era and Winter CSA Dec 9

black truck

Goodbye Black Truck!  You have been a familiar presence on our farm and we will miss you!  The Era of the Black Truck has officially come to an end as it was towed off the property this morning.  The truck burned about a month ago, but before that, the black truck’s loud Diesel roar was a often heard sound on the farm.  Onto CSA news….

News from the Farm:

There is still a little life left in our field produce!  Yes!  The mild weather over the last two weeks has encouraged vegetables still living in our fields to grow and add new leaves – and the veggies that didn’t make it are most obviously decaying.  Which, it turns out, is very helpful and hard to tell when everything is frozen.  Much to our surprise, a handful of kohlrabi made it through the cold, as well as some mustards, kale and spinach.   A few of the greens have a couple spots of frost damage (grayish-white spots) but these are still very tasty.   We hope you enjoy your share – lots of sweet yummy veggies this week!
Other news from the farm – we are in the process of receiving intern applications and interviewing for the coming year.  The downstairs remodel is coming along.  The sheet rock is finished and we are ready to paint.  Thanks to Ben, Tyler and Deborah for all their hard work! We are glad David is recovering well from the first of three surgeries. David consistently helps us every Tuesday to keep the farm stand organized and totes cleaned.  Thanks David!

In your share today:

Napa Cabbage
Head Lettuce – Magenta variety
Red Onions
Winter squash (choice of carnival, acorn, or red kuri) congenitally grown in Rich Hill, MO

Wholes and Halves:
Brussel Sprouts – from Fassnight Creek Farm
Fresh Baby Ginger

Wholes Only:
Kale – mostly Red Russian variety
Kohlrabi (some made it through all our cold weather!)
Mizuna – a mild mustard green

Please sign up for your work share by e-mailing Peter Block

Thanks for choosing us to be your farmers!

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