Farm Wreath Making Class

We are hosting a wreath making class Tuesday December 16th from 2-4. We will gather the materials from the farm and the assemble a wreath.

Please bring a small pruner and any thing you want to add like ornamental cuttings from your yard… We have plenty of pinecones whitepine and Christmas tree cuttings… We will pull vines and cut cedar branches as the base from the farm. It should take bout 2hrs!! Please RSVP if you would like to come 417-839-0847!
Tomorrow Joseph Errante will teach this outdoor class on how to make a natural Christmas wreath for FREE here at the Milsap Farm… “We will be going into the nearby woods to forage for vines and God’s naturescapes… Joe will share the art of selecting and shaping vines, pines, hollies, berries and almost anything that wreaks come and enjoy me form nature to make into beautiful Christmas wreaths! For years it has been my way of giving to others a personal holiday gift by making them a Christmas wreath for their home… I did make several trips to the “big box stores” ie Lowe n Home Depot for FREE EVERGREEN cuttings but if you have your own yard ornamental bring em! ” he says.




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