The last Winter CSA Delivery

Today is the last winter CSA pickup!   It’s been a busy two weeks; that’s the month of May for ya! Along with the regular, ordinary, everyday, wonderful business of farming, we hosted tours for preschool, fifth grade, and Missouri State University students; we taught a botany lesson to something like a hundred home schooled students; and we held our end of winter/beginning of summer CSA potluck.  We planted trees, leeks, and okra. We weeded garlic, redeemed some of the wilder edges of the farm, and went on hayrides. I, Cammie the intern, have personally harvested zillions of asparagus and armloads of zucchini. Pizza night season starts this Thursday, and summer CSA starts next Tuesday – so if you haven’t signed up for summer and plan to, there’s no time like the present! If you’ve been happy with your veggies and have a friend or neighbor that you think would enjoy a CSA share, please spread the word. We’re keen to have loads of new members!

We have produce from A to Z today!20140527-211328.jpg

What’s in your share:


Head Lettuce


Salad Mix


Asparagus (some ours, some from Sam and Melinda Miller)

Wholes & Halves:20150310_164642


Green Onions

Swiss Chard



Wholes Only:


Basil or Microgreens choice


Green Garlic

Notes: Basil should not be placed in the fridge, it will turn black.  Green Onions have hollow round leaves (like a straw) and green garlic have flat leaves.


To see all the photos and read the whole newsletter click here winter csa newsletter dis 12


T-shirts for sale! $12 a shirt. (Designed by Cammie)

We have beautiful hanging baskets and bedding plants for sale in the greenhouse and at Farmers Market of the Ozarks.

Pizza night reservations are online – sign up early!

There is still time to sign up for Summer CSA! https://millsapfarms.wor

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