Want to join our Pizza Club?

We had a great kickoff to our pizza season last week.  This Thursday night at 6:00 Dallas Jones will be joining us for our Millsap Farm Pizza Club again. Reserve your spot today!
What cooking?
Smokin’ Salmon and Dill
Olive Oil, Garlic chevre, smoked salmon, lemon zest, dill, freshly ground black pepper
Popeye Pie
Queso Fresco, fresh spinach tossed with olive oil, garlic, and sea salt  Mozzarella, and
a sprinkling of oregano
Kale Flowerets 
Homemade Garlic Bechamel Sauce, kale flowerets tossed with olive oil and sea salt, Bacon, mozzarella and touch of dried chili peppers
Classic Cheese
Homemade Red sauce with Cheese
Today is also our 1st summer CSA delivery, you can get in on our Fresh Summer goodness, full information at https://millsapfarms.wordpress.com/join-our-summer-csa/
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