Pizza Menu for Thursday Night Pizza Club

Garlic Scape, Potato and Blue
a seasonal favorite we can harvest the garlic scapes for a short season before they get too developed.  This also helps the garlic head up better.  We will be pairing this with our new potatoes that were harvested out of our Chinese Greenhouse, crushed walnuts and Blue Cheese  all served on our homemade dough
Radical Radish
Radishes on pizza, yes it my refine your view of radishes as it is radically wonderful.  You will find this homemade dough topped with roasted radishes over sauce made with a touch of honey, mustard and cottage cheese, mozzarella and topped with our lovely arugula
Fresh Fennel, Sausage, Mushroom and Kale
check out these seasonal wonders on this week pizza.  We will start with homemade garlic butter over our dough, top it with Sausage from our friends at Ozark Organics, Willow Mountain Mushrooms, red onions, mozzarella, our kale and fresh fennel
Classic Cheese
homemade red sauce covered with cheese
Reservations are necessary please make them at
If you need to cancel a reservation please email us at
See you Thursday!
making pizza

Image from Nate Luke

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