Wood-fired Farm Pizza Menu Thursday July 16th

For pizza night this week the weather is supposed to be great, Adam’s Blvd will be here with music, and here is the menu.  Get your reservations at http://www.jotform.us/form/41184296487162
Summer’s Here
Cottage Cheese, Bader peaches, Terrell Creek Feta, fresh basil, reduced balsamic vinegar  
Margerita Pizza
Homemade red sauce, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, olives, basil
Latitude 37
(When we lived in NM, we used to frequent Costilla just to go to the best little restaurant called Latitude 37.  They made a salad along these lines)
Garlic Olive Oil, mozzarella, Millsap Apples, Carter Bacon, Kale, Blue Cheese
The Classic Cheese
Homemade red sauce all topped up with cheese
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