Pizza Menu for Thursday August 13 Wood-fired Pizza Club at Millsap Farm

We are expecting great weather this week with 80 degrees and no rain for pizza night.  Alexa Kilgore will provide music and it will be a great night to welcome the new school year.  Come enjoy pizza on the farm and be a part of our Thursday Night Wood-fired Pizza Club here at Millsap Farm.  Full information and reservations are made at 


kids eat pizza

Image by Nate Luke


The Roasted Pig

Homemade roasted caramelized onion sauce, roasted pork belly mozzarella, thyme, olive oil, Taleggio cheese and topped with lemon dressed arugula

pizza night

Image by Nate Luke

An Armenian Pie

Homemade Baba Ganoush, mozzarella, olives, tomatoes, and Terrell Creek Feta

image by Nate Luke

image by Nate Luke


Almost Dessert

Cream cheese, Missouri Peaches and Basil, Almonds and

Date Lady Syrup 


Alexa Kilgore

Alexa Kilgore

The Classic Cheese

Homemade red sauce all topped up with mozzarella cheese

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