Micro-local Pizza Feast here at Millsap Farm Pizza Club

We have the award winning Terrell Creek Cheese, Willow Mountain’s Mushrooms and tons of Millsap Farm’s produce on our menu for this weeks Pizza Club on the farm.  Grab your reservations while there are reservations to be had at http://form.jotform.us/form/41184296487162 .  We will have Steve Ames join us with music this week

Image by Nate Luke

Image by Nate Luke

Dove Creek Pizza

Features Dove Mountain’s Reliance grapes, Terrell Creek’s fresh Goat Feta, chopped walnuts, Olive oil and rosemary

Bean There, Ate That

Homemade white bean spread, Willow Mountain Mushroom, Roasted Millsap garlic, Millsap red peppers, and Millsap sage Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese


 Homemade garlic aioli, bacon from Jack Carter, Millsap tomato, mozzarella,                   and Millsap Arugula

The Classic Cheese

Millsap homemade red sauce all covered up with cheese

image by Nate Luke

image by Nate Luke

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