Menu for Thursday’s Pizza Club July 19th with Barak Hill

Menu for Thursday’s Pizza Club July 19th with Barak Hill

Pepperoni/Veggie Pizza
Homemade red sauce, cherry tomatoes, kale, roasted eggplant, mozzarella, Millsap raised City Butcher made pepperoni, Terrell Creek Chève

Roasted Bells Pizza
Homemade roasted bells sauce, tomatoes, basil, fire roasted bells, mozzarella fresh mozzarella, & mushrooms

Dating Porky
Homemade Date Lady BBQ sauce, pulled pork, leeks and onions, pineapple, mozzarella

Farmhouse Cheese
Marinara sauce all covered with cheese

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Image by Nate Luke

RollingdoughnatelukeRollingdoughnatelukeImage by Nate Luke

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