Keeping it clean

Just a quick note to let you know what your farmers are doing to ensure a clean healthy food supply during this time of extra concern.

First, let me say that we always take food safety very seriously; we understand that this duty which you have delegated to us, namely providing healthy and safe food for you and yours, is our primary mission.   As part of this, we have taken food safety training classes from the Missouri Department of Agriculture, and then passed that training on to our staff.  Basic precautions like only using produce containers for food, keeping harvested product cold, washing our hands regularly, cleaning/sanitizing surfaces, plus a host of other biological control actions are practices we have been following for years.

Second, due to the current health concerns around COVID-19, we have added a few more measures to our regular precautions:

  1. We are wiping down all regulary touched surfaces in our packshed/farmstand space three times a day with sanitizer.
  2. We are limiting direct food handling to a core staff who have been trained to handle produce with an elevated level of care.
  3. We are washing our hands on a much tighter schedule than usual, and installing a more convenient hand washing sink in the farmstand.
  4. We are offering home delivery, and training our drivers how to avoid spreading pathogens.
  5. We are asking any staff member who shows any signs of fever, cough, or shortness of breath, or has reason to suspect that they have been exposed to the virus, to stay home.

All these, plus other reasonable measures as they arise, are just part of us doing our part to keep our food as safe as possible, and keep from interrupting the supply of excellent fresh produce from our farm to your door.

Speaking of your door, remember that you have several options to get our produce to your kitchen; home delivery on Saturday mornings, pickup on farm from Friday evening to Sunday (this is especially nice if you need a break from the house, but want to keep distance between yourself and others; there is plenty of space in our front pasture, to the north of our parking lot, to take a walk in the green grass, get up close with the blooming fruit trees, and enjoy an abundance of fresh air.  You can also pick up pre-orders or purchase from our stand at the Farmers Market of The Ozarks on Saturday mornings.  To order this way, simply follow this link;

Or, if you would like to look forward to a regular supply of our veggies all summer, sign up for a Community Supported Agriculture share through Harvie.  Our CSA shares offer you the convenience of a weekly  or bi-weekly box, customized to your preferences, and delivered to one of several convenient options.  Join here:

Thanks, and eat well, be well.

Farmer Curtis and the Crew at Millsap Farms.



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