Community Supported Agriculture…

…is a partnership between farmers and the people who use the farmer’s produce. This partnership takes the form of CSA members purchasing a share of the farm’s produce before the growing season begins, and then receiving a share of the harvest each week during the season. Within this partnership is the idea that all people are

fresh cherry tomatoes and the girls who love them

fresh cherry tomatoes and the girls who love them

responsible for the care of the earth. Members of a CSA support the farmers as they tend the earth in a responsible way while growing the highest quality produce. Farmers reciprocate by providing local, fresh produce for their members.

The Shareholders-

  • Receive fresh, contamination free vegetables and herbs on the day of the harvest;

  • Pay close to or below market prices for fresh produce;

  • Know where and how their food is grown, who grows it, and have the opportunity to partake in the miracle of growing food;

  • Are provided with a structure through which they can support a viable local agriculture, preserve local farmland, and contribute to a healthy local economy;

  • Have the opportunity to gain knowledge of growing food and stewardship of the earth.

  • Become more aware of their relation to the land, farm life, and processes that make our lives possible.

The Farmers-

  • Are given the opportunity to make a viable income by growing food in a responsible and harmonious way, directly supported by the consumer

  • Have the pleasure of knowing who their product is going to and consequently feel more care, responsibility, and reward in their work.

  • Are relieved of marketing labor and can focus more on growing food.

The Farms-variety of peppers

  • Are preserved from development,

  • Are preserved from harmful farming practices,

  • Are nurtured into fertile, bountiful land.

The Greater Community-

  • Benefits by the preservation of open spaces, and the maintenance of an important agricultural component that is rapidly being consumed by development and industry- by preserving this diversity the community becomes a more whole and satisfying place to live.

  • Is strengthened by the bringing together of people who share healthy concerns about our future.

  • Gets an economic boost when food dollars remain within the community .

Adapted from “Sharing the Harvest, a guide to community supported

agriculture”, by Elizabeth Henderson with Robyn Van En.


Farmers + consumers + annual commitment = CSA


Community Supported Agriculture, first seen in the U.S. in the late 1980’s, is based on ideas from Europe and Japan. The number of CSA’s in The United States is difficult to determine, but sources like Local Harvest.Org put the number well over 3,000.


We hope that you find a renewed connection with the food you eat through our CSA farm. Many people discover that eating seasonally– limited to what we can produce in this area at any given time– can be challenging, but also rewarding. Implied in sharing the risk of farming with us, your farmers, is the knowledge that under certain conditions some crops may do poorly. Pressures from the weather, insects or other pests can have an effect. By planting a large variety of vegetables we decrease these risks substantially, and every season also has its bumper crops even when conditions are less than optimal. For more information on our CSA, including prices and descriptions of typical shares, see CSA information above, or click here.

To watch a video about our CSA visit

4 Responses to Community Supported Agriculture…

  1. Agim says:

    I like to start buying fresh veget please email me back or call me 417-6191496

    • farmercurtis says:

      We still have spots in our Summer CSA, check out our blog tab “join the Summer CSA”. Beyond that we will be at the Greater Springfield Farmers Markets on Saturdays and our extra produce is sold to Homegrown Foods, and both Mama Jeans. Tuesdays from 4-6 are a good day to come by and buy items at the farm since we have the CSA pick up at that time. We will also have extra items for sale at the YMCA on Republic Road on Wednesdays from 5-6 since that is another CSA pick up option. Hope this helps, otherwise let us know how we can help! Thanks, Sarah

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