You can purchase your compost for your garden here at Millsap Farm. We have compost from Black Oaks Organics, which is what we use on our fields, ready to help your garden. We sell it for $10 a tractor bucket scoop $30 for 3 scoops which is a cubic yard and we are glad to load it for you. We are able to load compost Monday-Friday 9-11:45 and 2-4:45; Saturday morning until noon. If you need to come at a different time please be sure to call and make sure someone will be able to help you! Please call Curtis and let him know when you are headed out here to pick it up. 839-0847


5 Responses to Compost

  1. joy price says:

    I just heard about you and wiuld like to volunteer. Let me know my next step. Thanks

    Joy Price

    • farmercurtis says:

      We appreciate our volunteers so much! We are always on the look out for more, please call Curtis directly to set up a time that is good for you. 839-0847

  2. Stacy Bart says:

    I was wondering if you have “seconds” on your vegetables that I could buy this summer to make baby food with. Also, I’m looking primarily for heirlooms due to the increased nutrients they offer. Thanks!

  3. Ann says:

    Do you have local honey for sale?

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