Summer CSA shares are now available

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How does it work?

Millsap Farm’s CSA is a partnership between the member and the farmer that helps sustain local access to fresh produce. CSA members support the farmer, giving them an opportunity to responsibly care for the earth and provide healthy, locally grown produce. The CSA member picks up their share of the fresh, contamination free vegetables and herbs on the day of harvest. Read More…

Where and when do I get my produce?

You have 4 options for pickup:

Tuesdays; Starting May 14th, ending October 22

▪ Pick up at Millsap Farms Buffet Style Pick up, Tuesdays 4 – 6 pm

▪ 6593 N Emu Lane, Springfield, MO 65803

▪ Click Here For Map

▪ Delivery to Your Door, Tuesdays 3:30-8 pm

▪ Springfield/Nixa City Limits Only

▪ $6 -$7/Week Charge

▪ One-time $14 Container Fee

▪ Rountree Neighborhood Tuesday 4-6

▪ 1019 S Kentwood Rountree neighborhood

▪ $3/week Charge

▪ One-time $14 Container Fee

Saturdays; Starting May 18 Ending October 26.

▪ Farmers Market of the Ozarks Saturday 8 -1

▪ 2144 E Republic Rd at our farmers market booth

▪ $2 fee

What Do I Get?

The pictures above are from actual shares. Each harvest is different depending on weather patterns and plant performance. We make every effort to provide you with a plentiful harvest. This page will show you some posts listing the shares received in previous harvests.

We use a CSA tool called Harvie, which allows our members to record their vegetable preferences, and then customizes your box of vegetables based on those preferences.  Additionally, you will have an opportunity to swap items into and out of your share when you receive your weekly e-mail on Friday, allowing you to know what you’re getting well in advance of the distribution on Tuesday. Our CSA members greatly appreciated this cutting edge approach to CSA last season. They found it dramatically improved their CSA experience!

Will It Be Enough To Feed My Family? *

FULL SHARE – 9-13 items (Feeds 2-4 adults, or a small family) $696

HALF SHARE – 7-9 items (Feeds 2 adults) $360

SAMPLER SHARE – 3-5 items (Feeds 1) $240

What Will I Be Doing For My Work Share?

Each member will work 12 hours each season**.  The work is diverse and variable, but here are a few things you could be doing during your work share:

▪ Washing, sorting and packing produce with farmers for the pickup

▪ Harvesting

▪ Planting

▪ Weeding

▪ Watering

▪ Transplanting

▪ Construction


*The quantities listed are what we strive to fulfill. This is not a guarantee. CSA is a risk-sharing venture.
**You may buy out of your work share for $100.

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Fall And Winter Shares Are Available Now

We’re excited to be selling fall and winter CSA shares as of this week.  The Fall shares start on October 23 (or 27th for farmers market pickup), and we have distributions every other week until December 18th.  The Winter Shares will start February 26, after our January break, and have distributions every-other week until May 7.    We are offering Fall Only Shares and Fall and Winter Shares this year, as we have a bigger vegetable supply until December than we do in February.  Click here to get signed up;

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Thursday September 13th & Friday 14th Pizza Club


THURSDAY 13th with Mark Bilyeu and Cindy Woolf & FRIDAY 14th with Dallas Jones @6:00pm

@millsapfarm is a magical place with wonderful pizza 🍕You should take your loved ones there, grab a reservations at

MENU September 13th and 14th

Beet It

Olive oil, roasted beets, arugula, Romano/Asiago/Parmesan, balsamic reduction


Homemade Red sauce, Italian sausage, onions, bell peppers mozzarella

Heaven On A Pie

Garlic Aioli, marinated summer squash, roasted eggplant, tomatoes mozzarella and Parmesan

Farmhouse Classic Cheese

Homemade red sauce and cheese

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August 30th Wood-fired Pizza Club

Pizza night is good for your soul! Here is the MENU for Pizza Club Aug 30th, Reservations are made at

Baby Got Beets
Olive Oil, roasted Beets, onions, mozzarella, arugula, Blue Cheese and finished with Balsamic Reduction

The Wonderer
Homemade pesto basil aioli, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, sliced banana peppers, Terrell Creek Feta and Millsap raised City Butcher made Pepperoni

Creamy Chiles
Cream cheese sauce, roasted hot peppers, roasted bell peppers, cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes and finished with cilantro

Farmhouse Cheese
Homemade marinara sauce all covered with cheese

34792088_10216388383732554_5356242264458788864_o by Nate Luke

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Saturday Aug 25th POP UP Pizza Club

We are inviting you to our farm for pizza. Our delicious wood-fired pizzas are cooked in our handmade New Mexico style Horno wood-fired earthen oven at ~800 degrees taking less than 2 minutes to cook. The pizzas are served buffet style where we offer 4 pizzas topped with our seasonal produce, one of which is a cheese option. Each week we normally host pizza on Thursday but this week due to rain we are hosting a POP-UP Saturday Night Pizza Club. We harvest our seasonal fresh organically raised produce and create different kinds of pizzas that also feature other local meats, cheeses, sauces and vegetables. We always have local live musicians and this week we will have The Brain Bulger Band.
Here is what I am making this week
Pulled Pork and Peaches
Olive Oil, roasted Millsap Raised pulled pork, Bader peaches, onions, basil, finished with a homemade Date Lady BBQ sauce
The Local Farmers
Homemade applesauce, pecans, Terrell Creek Feta, Millsap apples, Millsap sausage, mozzarella, Date Lady syrup
Homemade red sauce, caramelized onions, summer squash and garlic, with tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella
Farmhouse Cheese
Homemade marinara sauce all covered with cheese

Image by Nate Luke


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Pizza Club July 26th with Dallas Jones

We have been enjoying the summer nights here on the farm and eating tons of pizza.  As July comes to an end the weather is unexpectidly cool and is only supposed to be 80!!  We will have Dallas Jones with us for this Thursday’s pizza club.  I also got all of September dates live so you can grab a reservation for now through September. Here is what we are making

Image by Nate Luke


Shaking the Apple Tree

Homemade apple sauce, homemade sausage, apples, Tokyo bekana, mozzarella, Terrell Creek garlic Chèvre              

Parmigiana di Melanzane Pizza

Homemade red sauce, roasted eggplant, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella

Piggy Wiggy

Aioli, Bratwurst, potatoes with rosemary, leeks and onions and mozzarella                

Farmhouse Cheese

Homemade marinara sauce all covered with cheese by Nate Luke

Images property of and by Nate Luke

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Menu for Thursday’s Pizza Club July 19th with Barak Hill

Menu for Thursday’s Pizza Club July 19th with Barak Hill

Pepperoni/Veggie Pizza
Homemade red sauce, cherry tomatoes, kale, roasted eggplant, mozzarella, Millsap raised City Butcher made pepperoni, Terrell Creek Chève

Roasted Bells Pizza
Homemade roasted bells sauce, tomatoes, basil, fire roasted bells, mozzarella fresh mozzarella, & mushrooms

Dating Porky
Homemade Date Lady BBQ sauce, pulled pork, leeks and onions, pineapple, mozzarella

Farmhouse Cheese
Marinara sauce all covered with cheese

Get your reservation at


Image by Nate Luke

RollingdoughnatelukeRollingdoughnatelukeImage by Nate Luke

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Pizza Club menu July 5th

Here is the Menu for Thursday July 5th with Deja Crew previously known as Brookline Station

By Nate Luke

Fennel Sausage and Onions

Homemade red sauce, homemade fennel sausage, mozzarella, leeks and onions, Jarlsberg cheese                

Pizza con Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Homemade red sauce, roasted eggplant, tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, Parmesan          

Taco Pie

Homemade pico de gallo, cumin ground pork, black olives, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, cilantro, sour cream                

Farmhouse Cheese

Marinara sauce all covered with cheese

Get your reservations for July and now August dates are open too.

By Nate Luke

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Scandinavian Midsummer Farm-to-table with Anna Davis, June 29th or June 30th

Scandinavian Midsummer Farm-to-table with Anna Davis

We are excited to partner with Anna Davis for Scandinavian Midsummer Farm-to-table to Remember. The longest day of the year, Midsummer in Scandinavia is certainly a time for celebration, so why not join us and and check it out. 

Millsap Farm is a local vegetable farm working hard to grow amazingly fresh organically raised produce for the Ozarks.  Sarah’s mom is 100% 3rd generation Swedish and I grew up spoiled by here family recipes and helping her with her Swedish baking buisness.

Anna Davis is a private chef located in Springfield Missouri. She recently got back after staging at Maaemo, one of Scandinavia’s top three-Michelin Star restaurants. Living in Norway for over a month, she was immersed in their culture and cuisine. “The Norwegian food is so special, sometimes simple but with a wild tint to it. They use such fresh ingredients, fishing and foraging around the fjords, enabling them to create some of the freshest and most memorable meals I’ve ever eaten.”  

Chef Anna is going to be pursuing Norwegian cuisine and developing it as her specialty as she continues to cook for private parties and formal dinners in the Ozark area.

Prior to interning at Maaemo, Anna has been at Eleven Madison Park in NY, Grace in Chicago, and Seven Swans and Frankfurter Buschaft in Germany. She loves creating and experimenting which gained her championship in Chopped at Home on Food Network and first place on the local TV competition Show-Me Chefs.  You can find her on facebook at 365 Flavours.

“I love to feed people beautiful food that tastes as good as it looks. Food is more than just eating; it’s an experience. I give 100 percent to taste, 100 present to presentation, and 100 percent to making it an unforgettable experience.”

We are also very excited because Anna is willing to work with our Millsap Farm kids, to help bring this experience to you.  If the weather cooperates you will enjoy an evening in the field at Millsap Farm with pleanty culinary surprises to treasure.


There will be live Scandinavian music sung by members of the MSU chorale during dinner. 

Get your reservations for June 29th or June 30th Scandinavian Midsummer Farm to Table with Anna Davis

We hope you can join us June 29th or June 30, 2018 @6:30pm at Millsap Farm for a multi course meal. Please bring your own beverage of choice, bottle opening service included. Water, tea and saft (Scandinavian juice) will be served.  Scandinavian Farm to Table Dinner ($50.00)

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Tonight’s Pop-up Pizza

Grab a reservations and come join us

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