Touring Millsap Farm

Eager youngsters tour the farm.

Eager youngsters tour the farm.

Millsap Farm Tours

We appreciate your interest in visiting our farm and are sure you’ll find a tour that will work for your group, club, class or family!

Below you’ll find a selection of the tours we offer.

Tour Selections *

A tour visits our greenhouse.

1) See The Farm Tour – This 1 hour tour is given by Farmer Curtis! The charge is $150 and can be for a group of up to 50 folks. This tour gives a general overview of the farm’s history, its mission, and points of interest. This tour is on Monday’s and Friday’s from 10-11, 11:15-12:15, 2-3, or 3:15-4:15. *

2) Private ToursIs your group small or has a specific topic they are interested in learning about? Then this may be the tour for you! Farmer Curtis really enjoys the educational aspects of farming and leads this 1 hour tour on Monday’s and Friday’s from 10-11, 11:15-12:15, 2-3, or 3:15-4:15. There is a private tour minimum charge of $30 along with $7/adult and $5/child, maximum $55 for one household. Children under 3yrs old are free.

The tour visits the Chinese Greenhouse.

The tour visits the Chinese Greenhouse.

3)A Pizza Night Tour – This half-hour tour is led from around 6:45 to 7:15 every pizza night; if you come to pizza night you are welcome to join in the tour.  This is a super value because for $12 for Adults and $5 for kids you not only get an informative tour lead by one of our farm staff but you also get great pizza featuring our wonderful farm produce! Learn the farm’s history and its mission as you tour the fields. See why Pizza Night is such a great introduction to the farm and the farm family! There’s even music! Pizza Night is on Thursday’s from 6p to 9ish, from May to October. Pizza Night is cancelled if it rains. Follow the link below for pricing for larger immediate family groups. And don’t forget that you could also do a self-guided tour before 6 if the timing is better for your group or family. You can even stop at our farm stand where we sell produce! To join in on this tour make your reservations for pizza night at

4) Q & A – Some folks are in a whole different category. They’ve taken numerous tours, here and elsewhere and now really want have a sit-down with Farmer Curtis and ask some very specific questions pertaining to their farm or garden. This Q&A session lasts at least an hour, but could be extended to two hours if you feel that you need that much time to go over all of your questions. The charge is $60 per hour.

Click here to make a tour reservation

If you read through but still have questions as to which tour is right for your group, click on our Tour Group Info Form link on the menu line above. This will give us the info necessary to help you decide which tour would be right for your group.

Additional Notes

* If your group has more than 50 folks in it please click on this link, fill out our Tour Info Form which you can click on from the menu list at the top of the page and we will get back to you.

If your group would like to use our picnic area there is an additional charge of $20 to cover maintenance and upkeep. You can bring your beverages and sack lunches, but please place all trash in the receptacles provided before departing.

Please keep the following in mind. While we love to have folks visit our farm, showing up and hoping to follow us around for the day unfortunately does not work well. NLP-110507-9873More practical options may be to:

Join our CSA – each CSA member does 12 hours of work with us per season. Click here to learn more:

Consider interning with us – Regardless of the farming level you wish to pursue this seasonal option can be a fantastic learning experience.  We have opportunities for learners who have as little as one day a week to come out, to folks who live full-time on farm.  Click here to learn more:

Consider Volunteering/WWOOFing with us – This short term option can be a great way to spend part of your vacation.  Feel Free to email us at

Thanks again for your interest! We look forward to your visit!

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