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Winter CSA, Farm Concert, & Pizza nights


         We have a summer CSA running May to October and a winter CSA running October through May.  This means you could be getting organically raised produce from us year round.  CSA stand for community supported agriculture and it is an agreement between you the consumer and us the farmers, where we agree to provide you a box of produce every week (in the winter we do it every other week).  Interested, please check out https://millsapfarms.wordpress.com/winter-csa-2016-17/ for complete information and to sign up for this coming Winter CSA. We would love to be called “your farmer”wp-1458686409858.jpeg


          We are excited to host The Creek Rocks with Cindy Woolf and Mark Bilyeu this Saturday the 24th at 7:00 for an outdoor Farm House Concert. Our whole family adores these two, so we hope you plan to join us. We will be taking a good will donation of $10 per person and a Family price of $50. We will have a few refreshments for sale and feel free to BYOB. Bring your blankets and camp chair to enjoy the music. Want to check them out, listen to this


        Pizza nights have been selling out 1-2 weeks in advance.  We are creeping up on the end of our Summer Millsap Farm Pizza Club for 2016.  We would love to see you this next month, and I just wanted to encourage you to get your registration in early.  If we are sold out, just join the wait list and I will do my best to work you in.  https://millsapfarms.wordpress.com/pizza-a-place-to-party/


THANK YOU for being a part of our Millsap Farm Family, and we look forward to seeing you in some capacity soon!

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Winter Shares 2016-17

We are offering a limited number of winter CSA shares again this fall, for sale starting today. Fall and winter crops are looking good this year, with carrots, beets, spinach, chard, kale, lettuce, salad mix, turnips, etc. off to a good start. We focus primarily on greens production in the winter, using row cover, high tunnels, and greenhouses to produce tons of spinach, pac choi, lettuce, and other greens right through the winter. In addition to the greens, the “Roots, Squash and Greens Share” includes storage crops like Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Irish Potatoes, and acorn, butternut, and spaghetti squash, and fresh root crops like turnips, carrots, beets, radishes, etc.  The greens, onions, garlic, and fresh roots are almost entirely grown on our farm, using organic practices. Most of the squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are purchased from other farms in Missouri and Arkansas, many of which use conventional practices.  As always, we make every effort to make sure you are informed about where all your food comes from, and how it is raised.

Head Lettuce in our greenhouse in the winter

Once again this winter we will be distributing shares every other week, rather than weekly, with a break during January. The first distribution day will be Tuesday October 25, with distributions on November 8&22, December 6&20, February 7&21, March 7&21, April 4&18, and May 2. By reducing the number of distributions, we save you all some driving, reduce the cost of delivery, have more time for on-farm projects, and still provide you with an excellent supply of fresh greens and other veggies. There is a break around the holidays, so we can have a little time off, and because that is part of the time when the harvests tend to get pretty slim.

That makes for 12 boxes of veggies, each intended to last you approximately 2 weeks, for a total of 24 weeks of veggies. Cost for the Winter Squash, Roots and Greens Share will be $27/ week, for a total of $650, with half shares costing $15.80/week ($380) and a 1/4 share, for those who are just wanting to get their feet wet in CSA (sort of a sampler size), for just $10/week($240).  As in past seasons, you can pay this up front for a discount, or make two payments, with 50% due on sign up, and 50% due by the end of January.

The bread share will be one loaf per distribution, so 12 loaves @$5 apiece for the season. The Millsap Girls are our bakers again this winter, and if you tried the bread this summer, you know you don’t want to miss out on the bread share. If you need a loaf per week, then feel free to order two shares, and then stick one in the freezer until you’re ready for it.

As always, we require a 12 hour per season workshare commitment from members, meaning that you come to the farm to help us harvest or weed for 12 hours. We do offer a chance to opt out of the workshare by paying a fee of $100 to offset the loss of labor on the farm. We realize that some people are just too busy, or have other reasons for not committing to a workshare, and we don’t want this to keep anyone from joining the CSA.

You have 4 options for pickup:


  • Pick up at Millsap Farms, Tuesdays 4 – 5 pm
    • 6593 N Emu Lane, Springfield, MO 65803
    • Click Here For Map
  • Delivery to Your Door, Tuesdays 4 -7 pm
    • Springfield/Nixa City Limits Only
      • $6 – $7/Week Charge
      • One-time $14 Container Fee
  • Rountree Neighborhood Pick Up Tuesday 4-6
    • 1019 S Kentwood Rountree neighborhood
      • $3/week Charge
      • One-time $14 Container Fee
  • Farmers Market of the Ozarks Saturday 8 -1
    • 2144 E Republic Rd at our farmers market booth
      • $2 fee

Sign Up: If you’re ready to sign up, then click on this link:http://millsapfarm.csasignup.com/members and get started.

If you have more questions, please call or e-mail, millsapfarm@gmail.com, or 417-839-0847  to talk with Curtis Millsap, co-owner of Millsap Farm.

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This week’s beautiful CSA shares 

​Full Share for this week’s CSA members included 2 summer squash,  2 onions,  2 bell peppers and a box of peppers,  salad greens, dill, green beans, eggplant,  Cherry tomatoes, snack peppers and choice of hot peppers #millsapfarmscsa #eatfreshfood #eatfresh #eatlocal #supportlocalfarms #loveyourfarmer #fourseasonfarmers #springfieldmo #lovespringfield #417land

Half share for this week’s CSA members included 2 summer squash, an onion 2 bell peppers,  a couple tomatoes,  bag of salad greena, an eggplant, okra and choice of hot peppers #millsapfarmscsa

Sampler share for Millsap Farms CSA included an onion,  free choice of hot peppers, eggplant, yellow squash and 2 bell peppers #springfieldmo #eatfresh #eatlocal #millsapfarmscsa

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August 11th Wood-fired Pizza

We are making wood-fired farm fresh pizza May to October, and you are invited. Get your reservations at https://millsapfarms.wordpress.com/pizza-a-place-to-party/ . We will have Jimmy Rea on stage this week, hope you can join us, here is the menu:

417 Magazine August issue had a great article about pizza night, fell free to share this and invite your friends http://www.417mag.com/417-Magazine/August-2016/Millsap-Farms-Pizza-Night/.

MENU for August 11th

Peachy Pig

BBQ sauce, pulled pork, peaches, rosemary and mozzarella

Summer Time Pie

Homegrown and made red sauce, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, basil, Terrell Creek Feta, and mozzarella

Hot roasted Pepper Pizza

cream sauce, roasted hot pepper, cherry tomatoes, Terrell Creek chevre, Monterey Jack cheese and cilantro

Farm House Classic

homegrown and made red sauce all covered up with cheese

Remember to bring your picnic blanket or camp chair, this is a great family friendly event but please keep an eye on you kids while you are here.

See you soon


Sarah Millsap

Millsap Farms


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Summer CSA week 14

Below is a picture of the take all you can use items. Today is a good day to be a csa member 

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June 30th Thursday Night Pizza Club

We will be making pizzas again this Thursday night it is supposed to be cooler then last week so we are starting at 6 like normal,  Steve Ames will be with us and here is what we are cookingwpid-fb_img_1440189148673.jpg

Red White and Blue

homemade white sauce, blueberries, roasted beets and Mozzarella


homemade aioli sauce, bacon, asian greens, tomatoes and mozzarella


Pulled Pork, Pineapple, roasted onions, mozzarella cheese over BBQ sauce

Classic Farm House Cheese

Homemade red sauce all covered up with cheese


Click on the Thursday night pizza tab above to check and see if there are any tickets left.



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We will start our pizza night at 7 tonight

To accommodate the heat we will start our pizza night tonight at 7:00, we have a few last minute cancelations so we have openings. Get your reservations at http://millsapfarm.csasignup.com/store/pizza-night-tickets

Tonight Menu

The Grecian
Homemade cucumber sauce, kale, fresh tomatoes, olives, Terrell Creek Feta
Seeing Green
Homemade pesto, onions, mushrooms, and farmers cheese
Hawaiian Farm style
Homemade red sauce, arugula, ham, pineapple and Date Lady syrup
Farm Classic Cheese
Homemade red sauce and cheese cheese cheese

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May 19th Thursday Night Farm Pizza Club

Only a few reservations remain, grab them at http://millsapfarm.csasignup.com/store/pizza-night-tickets .  Start time is 6:00 hope to see you this week!
Kale~Pepperoni~Garlic Scape
homemade garlic aioli, kale, mozzarella, pepperoni, garlic scapes and oregano 
Radicchio Pie
homemade red sauce, caramelized onions, fontina cheese, kalamata olives, radicchio, thyme, olive oil
Pineapple Pulled Pork Pie
homemade pineapple BBQ sauce, pulled pork, mozzarella, pineapple, jalapeño, bacon and cilantro
Farmhouse Cheese
homemade red sauce all covered up with cheese
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Hear ye Hear ye

Hear ye hear ye, the time is now to join our Summer CSA before the season starts. CSA what is that, C-Community you become part of our community. S-Supported, you are supporting our efforts at growing veggies, and we support you by getting you the healthiest veggies in Springfield. A-agriculture, the growing of food.  It is simple you get a local farmer! We love to call you a member and we love growing organically for you. #farmlife #millsapfarm #producepeople #farmlife #springpatch #localfood #eatyourveggies http://www.millsapfarms.comCSA week 11 2015

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1st Farm Pizza Feast of the season is this Thursday

Here is the menu for our 1st Farm Pizza Feast of 2016.  Do you have tickets yet, Steve Ames will be performing live  and we will be enjoying pizza again here on Millsap Farm.  Get your reservations before they are gone

1. Roasted Apple, Bacon, Pecans, honey-lemon Arugula, mozzarella and Terrell Creek Feta. 
2.Charred Kale over roasted butter sauce,  Green garlic.   And topped with a combo of Fontina and mozzarella
3.Homemade cilantro pesto topped with Roasted chicken and sautéed Willow Mt. mushrooms, mozzarella and parmigiano.
4.Homemade red topped with mozzarella  cheese.

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