Thursday Night Pizza Club

If you would like to join us for our Thursday night Millsap Farm Pizza Club, please  Click Here.

Adults are $15, Kids 4-12 years $6, 3 and under are free, $5.50 per Gluten Free Crust.  If weather makes it impossible to hold pizza night and we have to cancel we will send an email to the guest list and let you know.  Of course, we always hope for the best, and we usually don’t cancel until noon on the day of, so we can see what the unpredictable Ozarks weather will do.  All tickets reservations are made online. If you need to reach us Sarah cell is 417-773-1989.  We are not collecting a reservation fee this year, so all payment will be made at the door.  Please do your best to show up if you have reservations, and if you can not make it please email us asap at with the name the reservation is under.

This meal is prepared by members of the pizza club, as a private fraternal organization, is not under the jurisdiction or inspection of the Greene County Health Department.  We strive to keep our food clean, safe, and healthy, but we do prepare our toppings in our farm kitchen, and the pizzas are rolled, topped, baked, and served in the open air. 

What’s going on?Evening set Every Thursday night May 2nd through October 6:00-9ish we are inviting pizza club members to our farm for pizza. Our delicious wood-fired pizzas are cooked in our handmade New Mexico style Horno wood-fired earthen oven at ~800 degrees taking less than 2 minutes to cook. The pizzas are served buffet style where we offer 4 pizzas topped with our seasonal produce, one of which is a cheese option. Each week we harvest our seasonal fresh organically raised produce and create different kinds of pizzas that also feature other local meats, cheeses, sauces and vegetables. We will provide water, and have a few drinks for sale, but feel free to bring a drink of choice to accompany your meal, byob. We have a limited number of tables, so bring along chairs, or a picnic blanket to sit on.  While you’re here, feel free to check out the rest of the farm, but please be respectful, stay in paths, keep an eye on your kids and treat the animals with care.  We love what we do, and we love to share it with others. These are open-air gatherings, if it rains we will cancel, sorry!

making pizzakids eat pizzaWhat does it take to become a pizza club member? It’s super easy;  just buy a ticket to a pizza night event, and the first dollar of your purchase pays for your pizza club membership.  We’ll ask for you name and e-mail during the registration process, we keep a membership list which we use to keep you informed of what’s going on with the pizza nights, and other member events on the farm.  Of course, if you are already a CSA member, then we already have your contact info, and you’re already a Pizza Club member.  We never share your contact information with anyone else, it’s just for our own use.

What’s the big idea behind pizza night? Our farm grows organically raised veggies and cut flowers.  We keep our self service farm stand stocked at the greenhouse year round, we run a CSA program, we sell produce at pizza menuFarmers Market of the Ozarks (FMO), restaurants, and grocery stores. We have a passion for good food and community, and see our pizza club nights as forging what is too often missing in our culture: community. What better way to build community then to enjoy good food and music in a beautiful surroundings… We hope you choose to join us for a few nights this summer, and feel free to extend an invitation to your friends and family to join the pizza club as well.

Emalee Flatness

Not everyone lives on a farm, but everyone loves Pizza at the farm! Please pick up after yourself, and keep up with your kids while you are here.


26 Responses to Thursday Night Pizza Club

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  11. Joseph Errante says:

    In spite the rain I had a good time with you and your community… the fellowship and the music was great and without a doubt the pizza choices were awesome! I plan to become a pest lol… Thanks! Joe

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  25. Howard Landis says:

    Do you have music every Thursday? If so, do you have a list of performers by date?

    • farmercurtis says:

      yes, please check out and click the pizza club tab for the current information.


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